About Us

We have worked hard to bring the best quality products to parents everywhere for their growing, curious and playful children. We designed Ouchie Cap™ to help relieve the stress and pain of “lumps and bumps” that toddlers inevitably experience through accidents or play.

We know the fear and frustration that result when a child hits his head, grows a bump and begins screaming uncontrollably. That’s where our Ouchie Cap comes in!

The Panicali FamilyWe are parents just like you — multitasking, nervous when our child gets hurt, and searching for the best solutions. We know that once your son or daughter gets to know our Ouchie Cap, he or she will love it... You will be relieved... and everyone will be comforted. – Panicali Family


How Ouchie Cap Was Born

As a parent, have you ever found yourself willing to do anything; no matter how silly, difficult, or creative to make sure your child was happy and healthy? It could be as simple as singing that silly song they like before bed every night, or pretending to talk like their favorite cartoon character while dancing around with a stuffed animal, or making airplane sounds as you fly the medicine on the spoon into the hangar.  What about playing their favorite song over and over… and over in the car, okay you get it…

Well… that’s exactly how the Ouchie Cap was born. Tim, is a parent, just like you, from a little town in Western New York called Elma and it was his first day watching his baby boy, Lukas after mom, Ewelina, returned to work.

So there is that expression, you know the one… “mom knows best”; and even though your little loved one can’t talk yet, mom always seems to know exactly what they are saying or need. Well, the day was going okay, until little Lukas bumped his head on the corner of the table.

Lukas was crying, and all dad could think about was, “we need to fix the boo boo”. So, first up was the bag of frozen peas out of the fridge. But Lukas cried louder when dad applied the bag directly to the skin, it stung! It was too cold!

Lukas Panicali with First Ouchie Caps

Okay, so we need a barrier between the cold and the kid… no sweat….so dad grabbed some ice from the freezer and placed it in a dish rag. Not only did the cold not really come through the rag, but it started to drip all over! Lukas was just crying louder now because he was afraid of this medieval looking thing that was being placed on his ouchie!

Okay, we don’t want to bother mom at work, but Lukas just won’t stop crying, so we’re calling the Pediatrician. Well, while on hold…dad put on his thinking cap. “What if we hid an ice pack in Lukas’ cute puppy winter cap? The cold would help soothe the ouchie and the cap would distract him from the pain and be cozy.”

The crying stopped immediately and Lukas started giggling! The Ouchie Cap was born.

Our Best Friend Is Now Every Child’s Best Friend Right When They Need One

The Real Toby The Puppy

Toby was our best friend and family pet for many amazing years, and when it came time, Toby the golden lab was the one and only choice for Ouchie Cap’s first character.

Toby always seemed to know how to cheer us up and make us feel better, whether it was just a crummy day or when he laid his head on your lap and wagged his tail when you were feeling under the weather.

Now, Toby the Puppy is ready to make it all better for your child, just like he did for us.