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Can I use the gel packs outside of the Ouchie Cap?

Definitely! The gel packs are non-toxic, latex free, and super durable, so they can be used anywhere it hurts, from head to toe! The kid-friendly gel packs are great for bumps, bruises, scrapes, sprains, and bug bites!

Does the cold / warm therapy work through the cap?

You betcha! The material is designed not only to let the cold / warm therapy get through the cap, but also to remove the sting & condensation typically associated with ice packs.

How long do the gel packs go in the freezer or microwave?

They’re ready to go after about 20 minutes in the freezer and they’re “just right” after 10 seconds in the microwave!

How long do the gel packs stay warm / cold?

The gel packs keep their temperature for about 30 minutes. Cold therapy & warm therapy work best in tandem, cold therapy first to reduce swelling & numb pain, followed by warm therapy to soothe pain & prevent bruising.

When should I use the cold packs?

Cold therapy acts as a topographical analgesic, slowing the flow of blood to the affected area and numbing the pain. Works great for bumps and bruises and headaches.

When should I use the heat packs?

Warm therapy relaxes the muscle tissue of the affected area, draws out pain, and prevents bruising. Warm therapy is the best way to naturally relieve earache pain. Also, warm therapy is intended to follow cold therapy to work in tandem on bruises, sprains, and more.

Will the Ouchie Cap fit my child?

Yep! The Ouchie Cap’s one size fits all design is made for ages 1+, toddlers, to school age children.

Is the Ouchie Cap magic?

No unicorns were harmed in the making of this wonderful product.