Dravet Syndrome Symptom Relief

Dravet syndrome is a very rare form of intractable epilepsy that begins in a child’s infancy. Those who have dravet syndrome lack the ability to thermal regulate their body temperature, thus resulting in seizures.

Those who have dravet syndrome have to be extra careful in day to day life to keep their body temperature regulated.

  • We understand how nerve wracking it can be with even the littlest bumps or goose eggs.
  • Mom, we want to give you the peace of mind of having something to help you with your child’s dravet syndrome treatment on hand for those inevitable lumps and bumps.
  • You know it can be difficult to have to run out and get clumsy ice packs only to have to awkwardly hold them on your child’s head.
  • We want you to be hands free so you can focus on giving kisses while your child can go back to playing comfortably while the Ouchie Cap does its magic!

How We Help Your Little Loved One

Toby and Tulip are here to help provide dravet syndrome relief with the aid of cold therapy. Simply cool the reusable ice packs, place in the Toby or Tulip cap, and your child can wear the Ouchie Cap and play while the flow of blood to the affected area is slowed.

Now you can have hands free & fun Dravet Syndrome treatment for your child.  Keep your child's temperature in a safe range effortlessly with Ouchie Cap™.

Ouchie Cap uses 2 non-toxic, latex free, hot & cold gel packs to aid in minimizing the heat triggers associated with causing Dravet Syndrome seizures, which gives you a cozy and effective method for Dravet Syndrome treatment.

Parents with children suffering from Dravet Syndrome know that even common fevers can be very scary and the Ouchie Cap offers a cozy solution to Dravet Syndrome treatment with kid friendly cold therapy and warm therapy.

Even going outside on a warm day to play with friends can be challenging with Dravet Syndrome, having a way to place cold packs in a cap that you can wear outside can be the difference between playing outside or remaining in doors.

Some triggers are even caused by the cold, such as blustery winter days. Just place the gel packs that come with the cap in the microwave for about 10 seconds, and they will keep your little one warm so they can go down the hill on the sled for awhile or build a snowman, or maybe make a snow fort.

The Ouchie Cap is more comfortable on the head for your child than traditional kids ice packs or even a bag of frozen vegetables as the fabric is not only designed to be cozy, but also remove the sting of ice packs and heat packs on the skin while letting the cool and warm therapy still get through.

Ouchie Cap Donates to Dravet Syndrome Foundation + A Testimonial

Creator Timothy Panicali ventured out to Ohio to visit Jennifer and daughter Breanna personally and in addition to giving them a free Tulip cap, also made a donation to the Dravet Syndrome Foundation!

We wanted to pass along some kind feedback we received. Thanks again, Jennifer and Breanna!

Dravet Syndrome Testimonial from Jenny Heck“My daughter has a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome and has a hard time with temperature control, overheating causes her to have seizures. We put ice packs on her before and during seizures to cool her down. I just found your product and it is fantastic!! It is something that seems like it is truly made for her!

This product is truly helpful for her type of epilepsy, and I think many of the moms with children that have this would think your product is just wonderful! I have looked all over the internet for cooling caps but the only kind that I can find are for evaporation cooling caps and they do not work for my daughter because she doesn’t sweat. Basically she has a broken thermometer and no way to cool her body down, so your product works great for this. Maybe your product has a bigger future than just boo boos, it could actually improve kids lives. Thank you so much!” – Jennifer Heck

Did You Know?

Dravet Syndrome is an epileptic disorder that presents during infancy also known as Severe Myoclonic Epilepsy of Infancy (SMEI).

Typically caused by mutations of the SCN1A gene.

Dravet Syndrome has been known to commence following a fever.

After seizures begin, the infant’s psychomotor development (cognitive, motor, social and emotional faculties) slows down and mental regression sets in.

Seizures can be induced by heat triggers.