Hemophilia Symptom Relief

Hemophilia is a rare disease which affects the body’s ability to clot blood. Hemophilia is typically inherited and people born with the disease have little or no ability to clot.

Hemophilia Symptoms include:

  • Lengthy bleeding after circumcision
  • Excessive bruising
  • Swollen and painful joints
  • Swollen and tender muscles
  • Excessive bleeding from the mouth following injury or dental work
  • Severe bleeding after injuries or operations

Those who have hemophilia have to be extra careful in day to day life to avoid internal or external bleeding from even the most minor accidental injury.

  • We understand how nerve wracking it can be with even the littlest bumps or goose eggs.
  • Mom, we want to give you the peace of mind of having something to help you with your child’s hemophilia treatment on hand for those inevitable lumps and bumps.
  • You know it can be difficult to have to run out and get clumsy ice packs only to have to awkwardly hold them on your child’s head.
  • We want you to be hands free so you can focus on giving kisses while your child can go back to playing comfortably while the Ouchie Cap does its magic!

How We Help Your Little Loved One

Toby and Tulip are here to help provide hemophilia relief with the aid of cold therapy. Simply cool the reusable ice packs, place in the Toby or Tulip cap, and your child can wear the Ouchie Cap and play while the flow of blood to the affected area is slowed.

A Little Story

A fan of Ouchie Cap from Australia, Laura, reached out to us to let us know about her son Bryden who has a rare blood disorder called Hemophilia. We were touched and honored that she reached out to us so we sent her an Ouchie Cap on us. We wanted to pass along her thoughts on the Ouchie Cap. Thanks again, Laura and Bryden!

"As you may remember you made the kind gesture of sending us one of your Ouchie Cap’s to us here in Australia for our little boy Bryden. Well it is working a charm. It took him a little bit to get used to it being an active 9 month old who wants to investigate everything. However, I have been putting it on just while he plays to get him used to it and now he is great with it.

Bryden wearing Ouchie Cap Toby the PuppyBryden wearing Ouchie Cap Toby the Puppy
Photo credit: Little Aussie Bleeder Facebook Page

The other day he had a buster resulting in a small haemotoma thanks to his Haemophilia but thankfully his Ouchie Cap and a bottle did the trick and we didn’t need to rush to the hospital and get treatment. Bryden has a haemophilia awareness page on Facebook Little Aussie Bleeder and I have just posted on there about your wonderful product to give it a plug to our followers. We may not be able to take Haemophilia away from our son but products like your Ouchie Cap certainly assist us in making treatment easier and fun."