• Turn the hat inside out, insert the gel pack through the opening, and flip the hat back to the right side up.

  • Adjust the placement of the gel pack to properly cover the bump or bruise, then place the hat on your child's head.

  • Comfort your child without restricting their movement as they experience natural, soothing relief!

Your Instant Comfort Solution — Cool or Warm Relief for Boo Boos and Aches!

  • You and your child no longer need to hold hot and cold packs in place.
  • Take away the sting of hot and cold packs directly on the skin and eliminate the condensation from ice packs.
  • Naturally relieve pain and reduce swelling fast.
  • The hot and cold packs can also be used outside of the cap. Plus your child will love to wear the cap even without an ouchie!

Ouchie Cap Features

  • Machine Washable
  • Cozy One Size Fits All Design (AGES 1+)
  • Fabric Allows Cold & Warm Therapy To Get Through
  • Gel Packs Can Be Placed Anywhere & Stay Put
  • Fabric Prevents Typical Ice Pack Condensation
  • Comfy Chin Strap Makes The Cap Fit Just Right

Extra Durable Gel Packs

  • Can Be Used Outside The Cap
  • Freezer & Microwave Safe
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic
  • Latex Free
  • Water Soluble

Our super durable gel packs can be used outside the cap too!

Use the hot and cold packs OUTSIDE of the cap, anywhere it hurts! They're non-toxic, latex free, and even water soluble.

Toby & Tulip Make It All Better!

Toby the Puppy and Tulip the Bunny are your child’s friends, always there to comfort them from every day head boo boos, earaches, fever, & more.

As parents, we all know that ouchies are around every corner and could strike at any moment! Don’t worry, Toby & Tulip turn pain into play, and your child will often want to wear their comfy puppy or bunny cap even without an ouchie!

Ouchie Cap offers much more than just hands free convenient hot & cold packs for children’s boo boo’s, as your child will love the comfort & fun that Toby & Tulip give them. Your child will forget all about their boo boo, earache, or fever as they get back to play time in no time with their comfy cozy cap!

Make it all better and a smile with the Ouchie Cap!

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